Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Avoid dangerous buildup in your commercial kitchen with exhaust hood cleaning by Adom Steemer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our prices are affordable and we guarantee your business will pass your regular fire and insurance inspections.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Ideal for any business with a commercial kitchen—such as restaurants—we offer commercial cleaning of exhaust hoods. By law, this cleaning needs to happen once every six-months, in order to protect against the buildup of grease and the threat of a fire. Our full-service cleaning is performed with a hot water pressure washer, and includes your kitchen vents, hoods, and fryers, as well as your floors, stools, and walk-in refrigerators. Depending on the size of your kitchen and the amount of grease, this service takes approximately
4- to 6-hours.

Modern Kitchen - Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Contact us to maximize the safety of your commercial kitchen with exhaust hood cleaning.